Jeet Hamaari

2 hr 29 min | Hindi | Action | 1983 | all

Thakur Vikram Singh (Om Shivpuri) is informed by a museum curator that an ancestral sword donated by his father has been stolen. This is important because it bore half the location of a hidden treasure. The other half is on a sword still in Singh's possession, and he must guard it. He finds a thief, Avvtar Singh (Madan Puri) attempting to steal the sword, and stops him. Avvtar grabs Thakur's son, Mohan, and escapes. He is to exchange sword for son at the black hills, but his car is stolen by a thief, who raises Mohan as his own under the name Raju. Raju (Rajnikanth) grows up to be a car thief, and eventually encounters his family as his enemies.

Written by
Music by
StarringRakesh Roshan, Rajinikanth, Ranjeeta Kaur
Director R. Thyagaraajan
Available for download yes

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