Jebu Donga

2 hr 11 min | Telugu | Action | 1975 | all

Chittibabu (Chiranjeevi) and Bhanupriya are small-time thieves who are fighting with each other. Sathyanarayana and Gollapudi are CBI officers who are investigating about (KP)Kannada Prabhakar and his activities in his secret forest hide out with the help of a secret agent. When the agent gets killed, they suspect infiltrators in their agency and make Chiru as the decoy agent so that their actual agent can get the info. The villains thinking that chiru is a CBI agent and tries to kill him and create problems for him which he doesn't understand and he gets involved in a murder case to be rescued by a beautiful girl (Radha). He later comes to know of the confusion on him from the officers and refuses to help them. But when he comes to know that Radha is the actual agent and is daughter of satyanarayana trying to bring criminals to justice he feels responsible for the country and joins hands with them in eliminating the threat posed by KP's organization

Music byChakravarthy
StarringManjula,Sobhan Babu
DirectorA.Kodandarami Reddy
Available for download no

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