Jai Ma Tara

2 hr 5 min | Bengali | Classic | 1978 | all

Banik Jay Dutta thought he was returning with his son's dead body. Miraculously his son came back to life on the way through the Chandipur jungle. Lord Bramha ordered Vasistha to pray to the goddess Tara at Chandipur. Vasistha's prayers were answered. Raja Ram Jeevan was the chief patron at Tarapith. He was accused by a Muslim Nawab but he escaped with the blessings of the goddess. Raja Ram Krishna named the place Tarapith. He ordered to give the place for Debattor. After long days Bamdev was born here. He was a great sage. He spent his life in the crematoriums of Tarapith. He dedicated his life for the welfare of the poor. Now Tarapith is one of the chief holy places of India.

Music byDhananjay Bhattacharya
StarringAnanda Mukherjee,Sushil Roy,Dilip Roy Chowdhury,Partho Mukerjee
DirectorAjit Ganguly
Available for download yes

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