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Irulum Oliyum

2 hr 20 min | Tamil | Drama | 1971 | all

In the film, Vanisri plays the dual role of Banu and Chandra, cousin sisters who look alike. They switch places for a few days to escape from each of their family problems. How their lives change after the switch forms the rest of the story. One of the identical cousins, Chandra, is dark and old-fashioned, whereas the other, Banu, is modern and fair, who takes life easy and meets the poor but well-educated young man (Muthuraman) who falls in love, but she does not respond at first, and disappointed he commits suicide. She realises her folly later, and in the final climax, she too commits suicide. The dark girl, Chandra, is ill-treated by her stepmother (Sundari Bai), and her loving father (Subbaiah) loses money in business and also his job, and after getting his job back thanks to his daughter, he dies later of heart failure, leaving the daughter orphaned. Soon, the twin cousins switch identities, which is the main crux of the story, and how the problems are solved forms the second half of the film, with a somewhat predictable climax.

Music by

K V Mahadevan


Muthuraman,Vanisri,Avm Rajan


S R Puttanna



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