2 hr 2 min | Bengali | Action | 1997 | all

Hingsha is a social drama which portrays the story of a farmer’s family. Being the elder brother Naren wants his brothers to be successful in life. So he worked hard to earn their livelihood and make Kiran, one of his brothers to be a doctor. But in jealousy Naren’s boss, Panchu tries to stop him from fulfilling his dreams. Along with his son, Madan he created misunderstandings and problems for him. By stopping Naren’s sister’s marriage Panchu forced her to commit suicide and Madan murdered Biru, younger brother of Naren. Taking advantage of the money he lent to Naren, Panchu even forced Naren, his wife and son to leave their house. But Kiran and his girlfriend, stopped him from that and rescued Naren. Finally Panchu was being punished for his misdeeds and Madan had to die for his sins. So the story ends on a happy note where Naren forgives his only brother Kiran and accepts his girlfriend to be the bride and they lived happily with everyone.

Music byMrinal Bandopadhyay
StarringTapas Paul, Nayana Das, Kali Banerjee
DirectorSridip Ghosh
Available for download yes

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