Gustakhi Maaf

2 hr 16 min | Hindi | Classic | 1969 | all

Twins is an exception. But Ravikant was very happy when God gifted him twin babies, whom he named Asha and Seema. The names differed and destiny differed. An ACT of GOD separated the twins and they started growing under two different roofs. Asha was brought up by the ral father Ravikant and Seema entered the life of Guptaji and became his Asha and grew up under his care. Eighteen years later the twins had gwown into two blooming and boisterous gurls. nature played a game and brought both the girls into the vicintity of each other. Twins was an exception and the youthful urge for affection and love expressed itself in an unusual manner. Shanker and Jai the brothers became the targets. An unusual way of a girl meeting a boy did happen in Gustakhi Maaf, The ral fun starteed through confusion in the begining in the middle and at the End.

Music bySapan Jagmohan
StarringPadma Khanna,Sanjeev Kumar,Sujit Kumar,Tanuja
DirectorRaj Kumar Bedi
Available for download yes

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