2 hr 27 min | Tamil | Drama | 1972 | all

Kathirvelu (Major Sundarrajan),a reformed robber,lives with his wife and son.He brings up his son Ganga (Jai Shanker) to be a very brave warrior.Unfortunately,Ganga develops a weakness for women and wine.Kathirvelu,one day,sees his son in an inebriated state.All his dreams are shattered and,in anger,he throws him out of the house.At this juncture,his past life comes back in the form of his gang.They force him to join their gang as before.On refusing,Kathirvelu is murdered in cold blood in front of his wife.Ganga comes to perform the last rites of his father.His mother takes a vow from him that,until he takes revenge on all the four murderers of his father,he should not look at her face.The remaining part of the movie shows how Ganga's fearless upbringing by his father,helps him in taking revenge on all the four of them,thereby keeping up his parents' honour.

Music byShankar Ganesh
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