Fig Fruit And The Wasps

1 hr 26 min | Kannada | Drama | 2014 | 13+

Gouri, a documentary filmmaker takes a journey along with her friend Vittal. She is trying to collect material for her documentary project on instrumental music, and instruments used in some parts of south India. They go to a village with the help of Basanna, a schoolteacher. They travel to meet an instrumental musician, who has gone some place elsewhere to give a performance. Both are forced to stay in the village till the musician returns. Film tries to capture the human attitude when they are placed in a condition/situation/environment which is familiar and at the same time unfamiliar. As the seemingly simple yet complex situations develop, how these characters fits in to a landscape and climate as much mental as physical. Some time “vision” isn’t what is visible, sound isn’t exactly what is heard.

StarringBhavani Prakash,Ranjit Bhaskaran,Manjunath Belakere,Ravi Phoenix,Bhoomika,Shruti
DirectorM. S. Prakash Babu
Available for download no

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