Ek Var Piyune Malva Avje

2 hr 40 min | Gujarati | Romance | 2006 | all

This romantic film is about of Vikram and Radha. Though the pair are in love,Radha's father (Vajesang Thakor) does not like Vikram because he is a poor stage programmer (singer),while Vajesang Thakor is rich.So,Vajesang Thakor thinks that Vikram is not a boy who can married with his daughter Radha.When Vikram listen that he is a not a perfect man to marries Radha he loss his confidence.At that time his big brother Suraj gave confidence to him,and finally Vikram get Radha.

StarringVikram Thakor,Mamta Soni,Firoz Irani,Hiten Kumar,Jamini Trivedi
DirectorHarsukh Patel
Available for download yes

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