Ek Hi Rasta

2 hr 26 min | Hindi | Drama | 1956 | all

When Amar (Sunil Dutt) tries to nab a fellow co-worker while stealing money, he gets murdered. His widowed wife and son then find a saviour in Amar’s boss, Prakash (Ashok Kumar). But scandalous rumours force them to get married, leaving the son disgruntled. The murderer resurfaces and tries to instigate the son to kill Prakash. Does he act on it? Does this discomfited and hasty marriage survive?

Music byHemant Kumar
StarringAshok Kumar, Sunil Dutt, Meena Kumari, Jeevan, Yashodara Katju, Shrinath, Manik Kapoor, Omi, Ravikant
DirectorB. R. Chopra
Available for download yes

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