2 hr 11 min | Kannada | Drama | 2011 | 13+

The story is set on the backdrop of a village and here lives Isha (Pankaj). During his childhood, his mother tells him that Pathi (Surabhi) will be his wife. Pathi happens to be his uncle�s daughter. With each growing year, the feelings towards Pathi become strong for Isha and he gets protective. However, Pathi�s father has other plans and he frames Isha and puts him in jail. He also arranges for Pathi�s marriage and during first night, Pathi out of desperation screams loudly and the groom who is drunk fully dies accidentally. She lands in jail while Isha comes out serving his one year term.

Music byS.Narayan
StarringPankaj Narayan,Surabhi
Available for download no

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