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Dirty War

1 hr 29 min



U/A 16+

A fictional thriller that features intrigue, espionage and breakneck-pace action, this HBO Films drama, based on extensive factual research, tells the hypothetical story of the planning and execution of a "dirty bomb" terrorist attack on central London and its terrifying aftermath. Warned by a number of sources that both terrorists and materials used for radioactive weapons have entered Great Britain, members of Scotland Yard – including an Islamic undercover detective and several highranking terrorism experts – do their best to identify and apprehend the perpetrators before their dirty bomb is constructed and detonated, but their efforts fall short. When the bomb goes off in the heart of London's financial center, the city's inadequate emergency-services plans are put to an immediate test – with disturbing results for a population illprepared to understand or obey anti-contamination and quarantine orders.


Louise Delamere, William El-Gardi, Alastair Galbraith, Koel Purie, Martin Savage, Helen Schlesinger, Ewan Stewart