Dhoom Dadakka

2 hr 13 min | Hindi | Comedy | 2008 | 13+

Mungilal (Anupam Kher) was once a small time Bhai in Mumbai, way back in the 70's. Jignesh (Satish Shah) was his friend cum business advisor. When the law-enforcing authorities turned the heat on the Bhais in Mumbai, the two fled to Bangkok. Now in Bangkok, Mungilal has become a don. An All Asian Bhai Meet is being held in Mumbai. In the discussion, a rival Don of Mungi's, Fursat Lala (Gulshan Grover) proposes an ambitious plan for a piece of land in Alibagh and puts across a valid argument that in their business, it is very important to have an heir. Since Mungi has no one it is decided that Fursat Lala should be made the new Don of Mumbai. However, Mungilal assures the syndicate that he has an heir, who he will present before them in a month's time. However, in his quest to find an heir, Mungilal is caught in a dilemma when four youngsters land up in his house each claiming to be his nephew.

Written by
Music byRoop Kumar Rathod
StarringAarti Chabria,Shaad Randhawa,Satish Shah,Satish Kaushik,Sameer Dattani,Rakhi Sawant,Jackie Shroff,Gulshan Grover,Deepshikha,Chunky Pandey,Anupam Kher
DirectorShashi Ranjan
Available for download yes

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