Devi Putrudu

2 hr 41 min | Telugu | Drama | 2001 | 13+

Krishna, a petty thief meets Satyavathi in Mumbai and drives her to Dwarka, he falls in love with her and learns that she is searching for her sister who married an archaeologist in Dwarka. He meets a mysterious girl, Pappa who has magical powers and she tells them the truth about what happened to Satyavathi's sister. Balaram, Krishna's look alike is an archaeologist, he dives into the sea to solve the mystery of the torque and returns with a huge archaic metal box embossed with religious symbols. Troubles surround him as the box holds significant value.

Music byMani Sharma
StarringSuresh,Venkatesh,M.S. Narayana,Soundarya,Anjala Javeri,Dog Striker
DirectorKodi Ramakrishna
Available for download yes

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