1 hr 42 min | Bengali | Drama | 2002 | all

Daitya’ is the story of a small boy Subhro and an old man Partho whom Subhro names Giant as his face got disfigured during war. The giant had led a life of a recluse for fifty long years and had no interaction with the outside world as he was shunned by family and friends for his horrible looks. Subhro befriends him. The giant fills Subhro with stories of wars and war paintings which leave a scar in his innocent mind and he falls seriously sick. The giant realizes his mistake when Subhro’s sister points it out to him when he comes to visit sick Subhro. An exhibition of his war paintings is held to spread the message of peace. During the exhibition Subhro discovers a room whose walls are filled with joyous paintings. But as he goes to share his emotions on seeing these paintings the giant dies.

Music byBarun Kabasi
StarringSoumitra Chatterjee,Dolon Roy,Subrata Chatterjee,Master Swarnendu Das,Jun Maliya
DirectorBarun Kabasi
Available for download yes

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