Collector Gari Bharya

2 hr 22 min | Telugu | Drama | 2010 | all

Indu (Bhumika) is an MBA Gold Medalist and has big aims. However, her marriage to Goutham (Prakash Raj), an IAS topper, puts her career goals to an end. She becomes one of those thorough house wives, who take more pride in being a wife. She goes for one kid after another, obviously �forced� by her husband. The otherwise strict and honest IAS officer, Goutham, has only one weakness � he wants only a male child, and looks down upon women! He moves up in career, while Indu�s life starts and ends in her home. Indu catches up with an old friend, who seems to have established a chain of companies. Inspired by her, Indu starts fighting for rights of women at home. What happens next and how does Goutham react to it form the rest of the story.

Music byChinna
StarringPrakash Raj,Bhumika Chawla
DirectorTekula Kripakar Reddy
Available for download no

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