Choto Bakulpurer Jatri

46 min | Bengali | Drama | 1987 | all

Choto Bakulpurer Jatri shows how innocent people were made victims of violence. Dibakar, a humble factory worker sets out with his wife for his marital home in Choto Bokulpur as his wife was disturbed after hearing the news of unrest and violence there. She wants to assure that her parents are safe amidst the revolution of the peasants which the police and army were trying hard to suppress. As they reach the outskirts of the village they are stopped by few men who start questioning them. They are thoroughly searched and their luggage is thrown open to check if they are revolutionaries. They get no evidence against them in their luggage. But, when Dibakar is searched they find a paan wrapped in a piece of paper bearing an advertisement lauding the brave efforts of the revolutionaries and condemning the tortures of the suppressors. Despite Dibakar’s repeated assurance that he isn’t a revolutionary they kill him mercilessly and thus ends an innocent life.

Music byPurnendu Patrea
StarringPartha Sarathi Deb, Tarit Choudhury, Nimu
DirectorPurnendu Patri
Available for download yes

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