Burri Palem Bullodu

2 hr 17 min | Telugu | Action | 1979 | all

Chittibabu (Krishna) is a college lecturer who falls in love with a student Jyothi (Sridevi). After an initial song and dance, they get separated due to misunderstanding, and Chittibabu finds out that his father was framed for murder and that he died in the jail unable to bear the bad name. The one who framed him is none other then the Jyothi's father Chidambaram. How Chittibabu clears his father's name with the help of Satyam (Satyanarayana), and what the story behind Satyam is the rest of the interesting story.

Music byChakravarthy
DirectorBeeram Masthan Rao
Available for download no

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