Buddha Mil Gaya

2 hr 17 min | Hindi | Comedy | 1971 | all

​Two unemployed men find an elderly millionaire who had gone missing and take him home with plans to get rich off him. But when the old man's former business associates are serially found dead, the hapless duo suddenly find themselves under police scrutiny as prime suspects for the homicides.

Written byPal Mahindra
Music byR. D. Burman
StarringNavin Nischol,Deven Verma,Archana,Om Prakash,Lalita Pawar,Aruna Irani,Asit Sen,M. B. Shetty,Sonia Sahni,Brahm Bhardwaj,Paul Mahindra,Dulari,Shetty,Oscar Unger
DirectorHrishikesh Mukherjee
Available for download yes

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