1 hr 44 min | Bengali | Drama | 1968 | all

Boudi is the story of Ajay's sister-in-law and her sacrifices for his better future. Ajay's brother Hari is poor. But, he leaves no stone unturned to get his brother educated. His sister-in-law pawns all her ornaments so that he can continue his education. Hari is forced to steal when he is unable to save Aju's exam fee. Aju's sister-in-law tells Aju that Hari stole to buy ornaments for her so that he doesn't feel guilty. Aju gets angry and leaves home. Hari is jailed. Hari's younger son Ratan dies due to lack of treatment. They shift to the city when Hari is released from jail. Hari starts working in a factory where Aju is the manager. In the mean time Aju realizes his mistake. Circumstances finally unite the brothers and also unite Aju with his sister-in-law.

Music byRobin Chatterjee
StarringSandhya Rani,Kali Banerjee,Bikash Roy,Anil Chatterjee,Anup Kumar,Kamal Mitra,Lily Chakravarty
DirectorDilip Bose
Available for download yes

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