1 hr 53 min | Bengali | Drama | 1996 | all

Bonophool is the story of Laltu, a brilliant student. But he has to drop out of college because of financial problem. Mr. Beni Madhav, his college is impressed by his literary talent and gets his book published. Laltu goes to Bajor to work for his fathers friend. There he meets Mallika, the daughter of his father�s friend and also his boss. Laltu starts staying with Bir and his wife and becomes a part of their family. Mallika is averse to Laltu in the beginning but starts liking him for his good nature and talents. Beni Madhav is Mallikas uncle and sends her Laltus book Samaj to read. Mallika falls in love with the book. Laltu spots the book and is very happy to see his book published. But as he goes through the book he finds printing mistakes in it and starts tearing the pages. This leads to a misunderstanding between him and Mallika and he leaves Bajor. Mallika soon finds out from her uncle that Laltu is the author of the book and realizes her mistake. The misunderstandings get resolved and the lovers are united.

Music bySamit Bhanja
StarringIndrani Haldar,Pallavi Chatterjee,Anamika Saha,Chinmoy Roy,Manoj Mitra
DirectorSamit Bhanja
Available for download yes

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