Bisi Bisi

2 hr 11 min | Kannada | Drama | 2004 | all

The way seven phases of married life is beautiful.First year,its love,love and love everywhere� husband sees his wife pushing even in Aishwarya Rai aside during his second year� when its three,is time to become three from two and the newborn is everything to his wife! Fourth year is when the downside starts and Dally coming in front attracts the husband but 'Tali' dominates over Dally� the actual itch starts when its seven.He finds the home without wife like Germany without Hitler! Hero flirting with a girl soon realizes the reality and runs back to his loved one! There is no scope for word 'divorce' if everyone out there thinks like this idealistic hero.

Music byMilind Dharmasen
StarringRamesh Aravind,Anuprabhakar,Madhuri battacharya
Available for download no

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