2 hr 16 min | Hindi | Drama | 1993 | all

Dhanraj (Pran) is a poor mill worker whose life is ruined by his boss, Hira (Ranjeet) who fires Dhanraj from his job and also is responsible for his sister's death. Dhanraj along with his family is left destitute and is on the verge of starvation but luck strikes when Dhanraj crosses paths with a orphan boy, Amar having a winning lottery ticket. Dhanraj becomes very rich and he adopts Amar who has become his good-luck charm. Years later, all of Dhanraj's children, Renu, Vishwas, and Kishan have grown up along with Amar, who is now a police inspector. Amar falls in love with a small time thief, Geeta (Juhi Chawla) and marries her while Kishan is in love with the daughter of Dhanraj's sworn enemy Hira. Things don't go well in Dhanraj household, as the elder son Vishwas under the influence of his greedy wife starts to embezzle wealth. Then Vishwas' wife blames Amar of assaulting her, forcing Amar and Geeta to leave the house. With Amar out of the house, Dhanraj feels vulnerable and open to attacks. But things start to spiral out of control Dhanraj is arrested for marketing suprious drugs and the arresting officer is none other than Inspector Amar. Can Dhanraj and his family survive the test of time and unite to fight the harsh realities in their life?

Music byAnand-Milind
StarringAruna Irani,Govinda,Juhi Chawla,Pran,Ranjeet
DirectorS.K. Subash
Available for download yes

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