Belli Betta

2 hr 20 min | Kannada | Drama | 2006 | all

It is the tragic story of Eshwari (Manya),only daughter of a village head (M P Shankar),who falls in love with a postman,but is forced to marry a man of her father's choice.Circumstances make her go to jail,though she has not committed any crime. After coming out of jail,she becomes a victim of the cruel MLA and becomes a prostitute.Though Shiva (Sunil) tries to give her a new life,she rejects him saying it would ruin his future.But he is adamant.The film begins with Shiva's bold decision to marry Eshwari.But after that,the story is told in flashback.

Music byA T Raveesh
StarringSunil Rao,Manya,Shivamani
DirectorShivaraj Hosere
Available for download no

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