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2 hr 13 min | Hindi | Drama | 1963 | all

Bahurani features the story of a landlord who has two sons — Raghu, by his first wife, and Vikram, by his second wife. Raghu is a simple-minded and innocent young man. Vikram is cruel, domineering, selfish and greedy. Also, he ill-treats everyone, from servants to his own brother Raghu. Likewise, his mother too is equally cruel to people around her. One day, Vikram has a fight with the Padma, who becomes the first person to ever confront him. Seeing this, the landlord decides to get Vikram married to the Padma. But Vikram refuses and after a series of incidents the Padma is married to Raghu, who she soon realizes is mistreated by her family members. Filled with rage, she stands up for him and defends him, thus making Raghu gain some confidence to fight for himself. Will Raghu and Padma be able to teach Vikram a lesson or not, forms the rest of the story.

Music by

C. Ramchandra


Feroz Khan,Lalita Pawar,Mala Sinha,Mukri,Guru Dutt,Shyama,Agha


T. Prakash Rao



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