2 hr 23 min | Kannada | Drama | 2014 | 13+

Manas (Kitty) is in love with Sneha (Meghana Raj) and confesses his feelings with the help of his friend Virus.Suddenly,we are introduced to Preethi (Meghana Raj),the twin sister of Sneha.Manas changes his mind and starts loving Preethi,but at the same time he doesn't want to lose Sneha.How does he deal with the dilemma and whom does he choose in the end? The second role that Kitty plays is that of a violent character called Mani.He kills rival criminals and ends up in a situation where he becomes a target himself.The third story is set in rural North Karnataka.The hero Mouni (Srinagara Kitty) is happily married to Samanvaya (Manasa Joshi).His wants to become MP and approaches a leader in Delhi for the purpose.In return,the neta seeks favours from him.Mouni also wants to produce the film Gedde Gelthiv.He finds a director (Pavan Odeyar) who zeroes in on Prathibimba (Sukrutha Wagle) as the heroine.But Mouni is not aware of the development,which leads to various turns and twists in the plot.

Music byB.J.Bharath
StarringMeghana Raj,Rakshit Shetty,Srinagar Kitty
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