1 hr 1 min | Hindi | Drama | 2022 | 13+

Baggage is a deeply personal film about the hand of fate. The film is about Sara’s journey as she goes about understanding her role in the greater scheme of things. Sara - who has lost her twin sister to a mysterious vanishing - is trying to come to grips with her loss. Yet, some part of Sara just doesn’t want to give up, no matter how futile her attempts may appear. The film is an allegory to many things including the filmmaker's own attempt to pursue the mysterious and intangible aspects of cinema that forever seem out of reach. It is also about the self-pursuing the other-self.

StarringDisha Thakur,Prabuddh Dyma,Ankit Malik,Tarun Rajpoot,Pushpanshu Khale,Shubham Thakur
DirectorBahaish Kapoor
Available for download no

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