Ayindhu Laksham

2 hr 31 min | Tamil | Comedy | 1969 | all

Radha Krishnan is a poor young man looking for a job. Krishna is a young woman and the daughter of a millionaire, Eswaran. Radha and Krishna love each other. Eswaran is looking for a bridegroom to his daughter befitting his status. To become Eswaran's son-in-law, Radha needs five lakhs rupees. Another person, the Zamindar of Karadiyur, also needs five lakhs rupees to settle his loans. His son, also named Radha, is in love with a poor young woman, Amudha who is the younger sister of the poor young man Radha. Radha's friend is Nachu. He is in love with Manju who wants a pet dog. So, everyone is looking for something to fulfill their need. The film is a hilarious entertainer showing what each one does to fulfill their needs

Music byS.M.Subbiah Naidu
StarringB.Saroja Devi,Gemini Ganesan
Available for download no

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