Apranher Alo

2 hr 17 min | Bengali | Romance | 1989 | all

Aparanher Alo was released In the year 1989 stars Prasenjit and Debasree Roy as lead the pair. Music of the feature film is directed by Samar Ghatak. The story is as Dennis is a doting uncle to Lona. But sometimes his extremely possessiveness about her becomes annoying. He beats up the local boys for ogling at his niece. Dennis's job at a bar as a violinist is not enough to run the house hence Lona takes up the job of a typist. Her boss Mr. Chatterjee is a gentleman. Looking at Lona's commitment to work he develops a soft corner for Lona. However Lona does not return his love. She then explains to him that her uncle is not a real uncle and was a Hindu Brahmin who was thrown away from his father's house because he wanted to marry a Muslim lady. He was unable to do that and in the end ended up at the doors of a priest who baptizes him. Lona's mother was not his real sister either but after her death she was brought up by him and has taken very good care of her ever since. In the meantime Dennis senses that that there is something cooking between them and reaches Chatterjee's house. He finds his mom there. He realizes that Lona's boss was actually his nephew. He approves their relation.

Music bySamar Ghatak
StarringKulbhushan Kharbanda
Available for download yes

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