2 hr 57 min | Telugu | Action | 2013 | all

Vishwa (Vijay) is a dancer who lives in Sydney, Australia. He is the son of Ramadorai (Sathyaraj), a Mumbai-based don who fights for the rights of the Tamil-speaking migrants in the city. Vishwa falls in love with Meera (Amala Paul), who is a police officer and the daughter of a restaurateur (Suresh). Meera's father too agrees to their love, but he wants to discuss the matter formally with Ramadorai. They leave for Mumbai, where Vishwa finds out about his father's true identity and that he is currently in hiding due to several false cases registered against him by his arch-enemy, another don Bhima Bhai (Abhimanyu Singh). Meera realises that Vishwa killed Bhima, but she acts quickly and shoots the corpses of Bhima and his henchmen to imply that she killed them, thus saving Vishwa from a jail term.Meera eventually quits her job as a police officer after realising her love for Vishwa, and marries him. With Bhima and his gang out of the way, Vishwa is now the unchallenged don in Mumbai.

Music byG.V.Prakash Kumar
StarringAmala Paul,Vijay
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