2 hr 41 min | Bengali | Romance | 1992 | all

Jamuna Bai is the daughter of a famous courtesan named Kamala Bai who was known in Benaras for dance. Although Jamuna had learnt music from her childhood, she was never willing to pursue her mothers profession. This led to the mother-daughter duo suffer from poverty and affront from commoners. Chandrakanta, a rich businessman sees Jamuna and falls in love with her. After a few meetings Jamuna starts liking him too. One day Jamuna finds a desolate boy child on the banks of the river and decides to raise him. Chandrakanta stands beside her when the society blames her for the act. They get married. However Jamuna stays back at Benaras and faces extreme hardships to raise the kid and is forced to step into her mother�s shoes. This leads to a confront between her and Chandrakanta who leaves her and goes away. Jamuna leaves her kid with her guruji and starts living apart for the fear of her kid knowing her identity. The kid grows up to be a skilled musician however does not hold a good opinion about her mother. Jamuna is hurt to the core however she does not reveal the reason so as to why she had to choose that path. In the end, the truth is revealed. Her son comes back to her and so does her long lost husband.

Music byRabindra Jain
StarringDilip Roy,Robi Ghosh,Geeta Dey,Aparna Sen,Anil Chatterjee,Ranjit Mullick
DirectorDulal Dey
Available for download yes

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