1 hr 46 min | Bengali | Romance | 1992 | 13+

Ananda' is the story of a simple village boy Ananda who comes to the city of Kolkata for a job. But the complexities of the city overwhelm him. He falls in love with Alaka and she becomes pregnant. Her family becomes livid when they find out and she suffers a miscarriage. Ananda and Alaka get married in a temple. But Alaka is molested on their wedding night by goons and commits suicide. Ananda loses his mental stability and gets knocked down by Rita’s car. Rita gets him treated and in the process grows fond of him. Ananda escapes from the mental asylum when he recovers but he finds his world completely ruined. He is forcibly taken back to asylum when he’s spotted near it.

Written byKumar Swapan
StarringKali Banerjee,Lily Chakravarty
DirectorKumar Swapan
Available for download yes

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