Amar Bhai Amar Bon

2 hr 21 min | Bengali | Romance | 2010 | all

Mr. Chowdhury a businessman lived with his wife Mamata and children Rahul and Ria. An accident totally changed his life. Mamata could not bear the accident and admitted in a mental asylum. Ruahul and Ria became homeless by the conspiracy of Mr, Chowdhury’s sister. Mr. Chowdhury though he lost his family. In such a condition, Rahul and Ria started their struggling life. Rahul and Ria grew up and Rahul took a job as a driver of Biplab babu. Mithila was the only child of Biplab. She initially did not like Rahul for his attitude, but later she fell in love with him. Mithila helped Rahul a lot to establish his own business. Ultimately, Rahul became successful and with the help of his well-wishers, he found his parents. In this way, everything ended with a happy note.

Music byDebendra Nath
StarringVictor Banerjee,Swastika,Sucharita,Santoni Mukherjee,S.Habib Khan Rana
Available for download yes

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