2 hr 29 min | Telugu | Action | 1970 | 13+

Arul (Vikram), who works in a mill, is the third son of four brothers in a family of goldsmiths. Once, Arul's brother steals a chain due to financial circumstances. As Arul had taken the blame for it, he was labelled as a "thief" and seen as a black sheep by his father Bala Aasari (Vinu Chakravarthy). Thus, he vows never to make a gold ornament ever again, takes up a job and pays for his expenses. Kanmani (Jyothika), who moves into the opposite house, begins by playing tricks on him, but eventually falls for his character. Arul doesn't believe in love, and keeps his distance from her. One day, when Arul's father scolds him in the temple, Kanmani stands up for him. Arul's father insults her by telling her, "Arul's siblings are keeping quiet. Why are you making noise as though you have slept with him?" In a fit of anger, Arul marries Kanmani. Arul then realizes his love for her. The setting up of the party office of the ruling party forces Arul to lock horns with Gajapathy (Pasupathy), the local MLA, and his brother Sethupathy (Kollam Thulasi), the party leader. How Arul defeats the bad guys form the rest of the story.

Music byT.Chalapati Rao
StarringBharathi,Krishna,Prabhakar Reddy
DirectorV.Ramachandra Rao
Available for download no

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