Aami O Maa

1 hr 39 min | Bengali | Drama | 1994 | all

‘Ami o Ma’ is the story of poverty ridden family of a priest Hari. Hari’s wife Bindu is fed up with her life and decides to start a means of earning by setting up a small roadside place of worship of a goddess worshipped by low caste. She decides to start a tea stall just beside the place of worship. She starts attracting devotees as well as customers. But, the gentlemen of the village are against it and decide to close down her tea stall. They even declare her an outcast and throw her out of her husband’s house. But Bindu continues her venture to give her son a good life. Her son gets injured in an encounter with their opposition. Their shop is also burnt down. Despite the hardships the mother decides to fight back.

Written byAjit Banerjee, Sukhen Chakraborty
StarringKali Bannerjee,Sumitra Mukherjee
DirectorSukhen Chakraborty
Available for download yes

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